A Return to Being Human Relgiously

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Why So Much Anger and Division Today?

The system is changing on many levels.  We are redefining what it means to be human.  We are going back to a time when being human meant being loving, kind, and gentle, as well as someone working to make progress in the world.  We are returning to a holistic understanding of the world and humanity that produces a partnership society instead of our society based on the dominator mindset.


Our institutions are a reflection of a mechanistic way of thinking that has been being created and recreated in every institution and system for the last 700 years.  The new paradigm, however, insists that we move beyond this mechanistic model to an organic model of being human in the world and as part of the world.   

What Makes This Book Unique?

As Human Beings we are born into a world as neutral beings seeking to connect with others and share our love with them. We are eventually shaped and socialized to become more exclusive and take our place in a world based on hiearchy.  


We learn to derive our worth and dignity by out doing others and being placed at a high position on a latter, or pyramid, of worth.  On this pyramid being good means moving up, or remaining in the same position by keeping those below down. The worse thing anyone can do is move down.


To lose money, power, or status is the worse thing a person, a class, a race, or generation can do.  We continue to strive to move upward, stepping on those below to do so, while hardening our hearts so we don't feel the pain and suffering of those below us, or the pain and suffering that we feel when we are not really able to express who we are.  


We are naturally loving beings.  We want others to have the opportunites that we have, but we find that we are forced to push them down, or keep them down, so we can survive at our own status.  In truth, we have learned to survive in a tough, competitive economy and competitive world that really isn't fair.  Seems that we are trapped in a purgatory and forced to fight all of our lives to trample on others, or be trampled on.


But we are not really trapped.  A Return to Being Human Religiously gives us a more clear understanding of how this systems really works, and provides lessons and meditation techniques that can help us break the pattern of having to be an oppressor or oppressed.  We then become fully human, which includes being our divine, creative selves.  The Self that has been suppressed through our socialization. 


As we examine religious stuctures, educational structures and monetary structures, and begin to understand the patterns of behaviors and ideals that create and support them; through knowledge, wisdom, and freedom from the underlying socialization from such a system, we become free to choose our own destinies and make our lives and our communities better.  This, the original blessing, is what it means to be fully human.  


In wake of today's battle of the paradigms where fundamentalist ideas, religious and secular, are running rampant, it ismost important that we begin to understand the world and make it better for for us, and our children.  


Please hit the tab below for a look inside or A Return to Being Human Religiously at. You can take a look inside this book to read the things you should have learned in school, but just weren't talked about, and still aren't.


Purchase this book if you like what you see.  



  • Are you a teacher, counselor, minister, nurse, doctor, massage therapist, someone who interacts with people every day?
  • Are you raising children in a multi cultural world where you can't seem to connect with all the differences?  
  • Do you feel bothered by various racial, ethnic groups, gender groups, or people with different sexual orientations, and feel that you can't really talk about it with your friends and family? Or you don't even know why they bother you?
  • Is your busines or practice being plagued by racial or ethnic tension?  
  • Are you losing business because of your own bias the bias of your employees without even knowing that it is happening?  



You can find the answer to all of these questions right now, and more, and you can learn to deal with them by yourself, or in a group of like minded individuals using A Return to Being Human Religiously as a study guide.  It was designed that way.


If you want to create a world community or be able to move in one and find peace and joy instead of tension and fear, A Return to Being Human Religiously is your passage to being fully human again and accepting the power, beauty, wisdom, and abilities that you have when you allow yourself to be fully human religiously and embrace all of your brothers and sisters, and this our Mother Earth.