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Our Mission: To make spirtuality and bodywork accessible to all those in need. 


In this stressful world today, sometimes it is important to find a way to relax and to heal from all of the intrusions forced into one's psyche by the events of the day.  Our Wholistic Body-Work Program offers Body-work to heal the body and prevent more serious illness.  

Through a combination of:  Swedish Massage; Reflexology, Shiatsu; Tai Massage, and Energy Work we draw upon the natural forces within the body to promote preventative health and self healing.


Contact us at: or 267-625-0914

to set up your appointment Wednesdays 11 - 8, and Saturday from 2:30 - 5:30.  

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Please make your appointment with Om Prakash (John Gilmore) an Independent Massage Therapist renting space in The Healing Center.



Cancellation Policy

Cancellations and Reschedules must  made at least 24 hours in advance. For clients, including those with Groupons and other Coupons, a failure to do this will result in a $35 fee paid before setting up your next appointment at our Auto Schdeuler, at the discretion of John Gilmore's Healing Hands.  If there is no call-off or check-in, after a 15 minute grace period your appointment will be cancelled and you must reschedule. Failure to show up, habitually, will forfeit your opportunity to partake of our services anytime in the future.


 Interested in More?


Going Deeper, through the Sat Yoga Tradition and Spiritual Life Coaching, we can begin to heal the body and the spirit and empower you for life. Click below for our


John Gilmore's Next Step Coaching and Other Modalities Description Page  


 We offer

  • Videos
  • One-on-One Tai Chi for Busy People Sessions  
  • Classes in Meditation and Energy Work one-on-one or in  a group.



Delux Spiritual Life-Coaching: Two Hours Divided as you would like--$150.    



                John Gilmore's Healing Hands

                               The Healing Center 

                               717 Bethleham Pk.

                                Suite 170 

                               Erdenheim, PA  






 Using  different brain modalitites, Dr. Om Prakash (John Gilmore) works with his clients on reclaiming their personal power. With his wholistic spiritual counseling tools, he facilitated my journeyto mycenter and original self. Dr. Gilmore gave me personal strategies for my exploration including Spiritual Atmanology Life Coaching, four minute Chi-Kung exercises, and Reiki energy work.


Dr. Gilmore is an author of many books, a Reiki Master Teacher, a liscensed Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage Therapist, a certified  Reflexologist, and also studied Under Dr. Robert Shubow (Shunyamurti) of the Sat Yoga Institute. Dr. Gilmore and his Life Coaching techniques helped me attain personal freedom, spirituality, and served as a paradigm for leading a life of greater authenticity.

Sandy Wolf-Schurr
Dr. John Gilmore has helped me tremendously through his energy healing, massage, dream interpretation and life coaching. He is insightful and right on the mark. Dr. Gilmore is the whole package. I would highly recommend him for renewal and feeling amazing in every way.   
Irene Angel 



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The cure for tiredness, suffering and sadness is the experience of love, relaxation and joy that can be experienced through a combination of healing modalities that work on the levels of mind, body, and spirit.  We do this through Reiki, Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu, and Spiritual Coaching.  We try to provide every person with the opportunity for body-work and life-coaching by using a sliding scale. 

-Om Prakash, Spiritual Teacher, D. Min.


We are no longer selling groupons.  We are moving in another direction.  We will also only accept expired groupons as a coupon for the cost of the groupon on our life-coaching sessions beginning February 15th when we will cease the bodywork portion of John Gilmore's Next Step Coaching and Bodywork.  If you have a groupon that is about to expire be sure to set up your appointment right now, when there is plenty of time. 















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 We are in sympathy with the teachings offered at Sat Yoga Institute in Costa Rica.  Please visit their website for more information, videos, discussions, and podcasts.